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HP ProCurve 3500 Series Switches

The HP ProCurve Switch 3500 Series consists of the most advanced intelligent edge switches in the HP ProCurve Networking product line. The 3500 series includes 24-port and 48-port fixed-port switches. The foundation for all these switches is a purpose-built, programmable ProVision ASIC that allows the most demanding networking features, such as Quality of Service (QoS) and security, to be implemented in a scalable yet granular fashion. With a variety of Gigabit and 10/100 interfaces, integrated PoE+, PoE and Non-PoE options, versatile 10-GbE connectivity (CX4, X2, and SFP+) on Gigabit switches, the 3500 switches offer excellent investment protection, flexibility, and scalability, as well as ease of deployment, operation, and maintenance.

HP ProCurve J9471A HP ProCurve 3500-24-PoE Switch
HP ProCurve J9472A HP ProCurve 3500-48 Switch
HP ProCurve J9473A HP ProCurve 3500-48-PoE Switch
HP ProCurve J9310A HP ProCurve 3500yl-24G-PoE+ Switch
HP ProCurve J9311A HP ProCurve 3500yl-48G-PoE+ Switch
HP ProCurve J8993A HP ProCurve Switch 3500yl Premium Edge Lic
HP ProCurve J8692A HP ProCurve Switch 3500yl-24G-PWR Intel Edge
HP ProCurve J8693A HP ProCurve Switch 3500yl-48G-PWR Intel Edge
HP ProCurve J8694A HP ProCurve Switch yl 10Gb 2p-X2 2p-CX4 Mod

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